The Shore to Shore Project

Shore to Shore is a long-term project to create spaces for encounter between Morocco and the UK. These spaces may be physical – like gardens or stages – or they may be spaces of the mind, times when individuals and groups meet to take part in some activity, debate or planning, for entertainment and in the hope of creating greater understanding. The project reflects the fascination that Morocco and England seem to exert over each other. Both excite expectations and misconceptions. They also have more history in common than many people realise. Shore to Shore focuses on this history, especially the 17th century, a time when trade and diplomatic relations created new links. Similar spices and herbs can be found in may English and Moroccan dishes. Musical instruments, building techniques and even dance themes trace links up and down from North Africa to Northern Europe, often via Spain. Slaves were traded in both directions. Faith was at the centre of life in both countries in the 17th century. And of course everyone knows Shakespeare and his immortal stories.

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