REEP was founded 25 years ago as an educational charity to promote understanding of environmental responsibility as it is taught by the world faith traditions.

Over the years REEP’s projects have developed to include practical activities such as gardening, music, drama, dance, literature and other art forms to promote a wider understanding of our environment and how we live in it. This is based on REEP’s core belief that religious traditions represent an interpretation of how we experience being human and directly addresses a need not met by the many organisations since established to promote environmental education.

In the words of REEP patron, Jonathan Porritt, ‘Can we really explore the challenge presented by today’s world without exploring its spiritual roots and the need for sound spiritual foundations as we slowly develop a more just and sustainable future?’

Throughout its history REEP has published materials for schools to use in RE and other curriculum areas. These are based on an active research model, where we create an innovative activity and then use the material and findings to produce resources for our website and to create new ideas. This principle dating from our earliest work remains fundamental to our thinking behind all REEP projects and initiatives.

REEP has always benefitted from an extensive group of advisers, supporters and volunteers, without which its work would not be possible. We believe that this model of project-specific production helps keep our work lively and up to date and that a dynamic, reflective process of consultation and development is part of our mission.

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